kitchens for
outdoor living

Welcome to the outdoors.

What could be better than barbecuing together in the open air – sheltered from the elements – enjoying life to the full, spiced with a touch of eternity?

Welcome to the outdoors, where there is endless space to entertain family and friends with culinary delights under the stars. Welcome to the world of Burnout Lux and Burnout BBQ.

The perfect choice for every taste:


A bespoke, streamlined, modular body – Burnout Lux combines the durability of an outdoor kitchen with a comfortable user experience, an award-winning design, top-quality standards and sophisticated functionality.


Life goes on. Burnout BBQ likewise. Mobile. Modular. Masterful. And yet weatherproof, durable and chic. For all those who want to enjoy both indoors and outdoors with ease. For all those who love life, change and the good things in life. With top weatherproof functionality.

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