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  • BURNOUT Kitchen

    You see: a real design classic.
    And a Porsche.

  • BURNOUT Kitchen

    Showing what works.
    Whether Beefeater, stainless steel black frame, Monolith grill or Flame

  • BURNOUT Kitchen

    Would you like a little beach hut feeling?
    In the smallest hut there is room for the biggest things.

  • BURNOUT Kitchen

    Workshop and outdoor kitchen?
    A perfect match. Simply fix your moped and dinner at the same time.

You want to barbeque.

You don't want to follow the seasons, the wind and the weather. You want to see the flames, feel the heat. You want to be outdoors, whatever the season. In the wind. In the weather. You want to be always ready for action. Up with the grill, on with the fire. You don't want to have to worry about anything. About humidity, cold, shelf life. You want to barbeque. Anytime.

365 days | 430 degress | 100 percent

BURNOUT Outdoorküche in L-Form mit Gasgrill und Spüle auf einer Terrasse. Im Vordergrund stehen Tisch und Bank.

Just the way you want.

Just do what you want. Plan your BURNOUT kitchen for the balcony, the garden, the park. Around the corner, lengthwise, around your existing grill, or with a completely different design. We put the modules in your hand to give you a free hand.

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What do you call our kitchen? 

Outdoor kitchen, grill kitchen, kitchen for outdoor grilling, open-air kitchen, garden kitchen, or simply BBQ? It doesn't matter. The important thing: Cook in it. Whatever you want. However you want. Purely a matter of taste. Just like the name you give it.

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14 Arguments. 1 kitchen.

You're hard to convince? So are we. Only the best is good enough for us. Good enough to make a BURNOUT kitchen what it is today. Worldly, weatherproof, consistent, economical, light as a feather, modular, sustainable, practical, robust, expandable, dirt-repellent, quickly available, compatible, and laser-cut. You don't believe it? You will. After your next click.

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BURNOUT Küchenmeile A30 Film


You want to know all about it? From the big picture to the last detail, the most hidden corner? You're not alone in this. At the "Küchenmeile A30" trade fair, we had the pleasure of welcoming a camera team that had all the questions that might be on your mind right now. We were happy to answer all of them. For the camera team. And for you. Take a look.


Our kitchens are true outdoor kitchens. True means: You can leave them outdoors 365 days a year. Just like that. Without covering them. And without a guilty conscience. That's a promise.