• Thomas Pabst & Daniel Joachimmeyer

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  • BURNOUT Kitchen

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    we do.


We had a problem. Because we wanted to grill. Whatever the weather. All year round. But no barbecue and no outdoor kitchen made this possible. With the quality we wanted. At a price that we wanted to pay. So we started ourselves. Developing ideas and drawing up plans. Meeting specialists, finding suppliers that loved the idea of being able to barbeque whenever they want. People who know what kind of challenge that means. Who know how good it feels to beat it. The result is an outdoor kitchen that you don't have to put away or cover up. That's there for you. 365 days a year. At least.

We produce in Germany. Because this is our home. And because we want to see and know exactly what our outdoor kitchens are being used for. Stainless steel that is both high quality and durable. Kitchen materials that are easy to clean and defy any weather. Pull-out systems developed by us in cooperation with a leading manufacturer for outdoor applications.

Our BURNOUT kitchens are partly machine-made and partly hand-made. Wherever highest industrial precision is required, we use the most sophisticated machinery from the furniture industry. When it comes to sensitive work with welding equipment, specialists are there to lend a hand in person. In the end, it's the combination of industry and manufacture that makes it happen. Creating a kitchen that shows the passion of its creators. Which makes you feel that it is the sum of many years of experience. Which makes you know: This kitchen was designed and built by people who use them. Very, very often. Whatever the weather.

Is there a problem? Not anymore.

In the beginning we were laughed at by the experts. Just like the physicists laughed at the bumblebee. Both didn't consider their counterpart to be capable of flying.

But we have risen long ago. Without being off the hook. And today we are the ones who laugh.